Weight Loss 2009
Magical Graph of Happiness

You have no idea how happy I am to get out of the 220 chunk on the scale.  I felt like I was stuck there forever.

Here’s to progress!  Here’s to not getting frustrated and giving up or being drastic.  Here’s to determination!

I have re-learned a very important lesson:

Motivation doesn’t give you the strength to do thingsDoing things gives you motivation.

39 pounds left to go.  Then what?  I don’t know.  But I’m so happy I could dance.

2 thoughts on “219

  1. OMG YOU ARE AWESOME! PLEASE tell me you’re on Sparkpeople.com?! It’s the best weight-loss community ever. I highly recommend it. Everyone’s so supportive, and the articles on it are fantastic.


    If you join, or if you’re on it already, definitely friend me ^^

    I, myself, once weighed 265 pounds. I’ve lost and gained over the years, and now I’m now down to about 180, but my ultimate goal is 125-130. You are doing great! Congratulations!

    I love that quote, too :o)

    1. I’m actually not on there, but I’ll check it out and probably join. I’m pretty much obsessed with writing and talking about weight loss stuff right now!

      I’m on myfatsecret.com as k8yk if you are on there 🙂

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