I Hate The Biggest Loser

I always say, if I had my way there would just be one before and after show.  I love seeing that part.  But I absolutely hate the notion that it would EVER be a good idea to lose 30 pounds in one week or work out for 8 hours straight.  Thank goodness they don’t tell us what these people eat because I guarantee you they are starving themselves.  And probably taking a whole mess of supplements as well.

It is only a matter of time before The Biggest Loser kills one of its contestants.  400 pound people CAN work out but any sane doctor would recommend they start slow and build, not immediately run up a mountain. The amount of stress these people are putting on their hearts makes my heart ache sympathetically.

All the “healthy” weight loss advice tells you to lose a maximum of 2 pounds a week for optimum health and likelihood of keeping it off.  Yet I cannot tell you how many posts I’ve read on a diet forum about what failures people think they are for ONLY losing 2 pounds in a week.  I blame this on The Biggest Loser.

I’m really glad it inspires people.  It has definitely inspired me from time to time.  But it keeps getting more outrageous.  They pretty much have to put up a fatter person every year to keep building momentum.  Secretly, I bet the network execs know exactly what a media spectacle it would be if they did kill somebody.  And I bet they wouldn’t mind that publicity one little bit.

I also hate (and secretly love) the humiliation of it.  Would I stand up in front of the world in a sports bra even after losing almost 70 pounds?  Oh hell no.  You can keep your $250,000.

I like attaching weights to different body types.  I see what a variation there is.  I wonder if I’m really as fat as the person who weighs what I weigh and if I really looked like that when I was 287.

And from a pure entertainment point of view, it is horrible.  I mean, who wants to watch a bunch of fat people cry, sweat, and tell the same insipid stories over and over again.  Challenges are boring.  Use of dramatic commercial breaks is over the top.  Product placement is frightening.  Ziplock is the secret to weight loss?  Well hell, I wish someone had told me a year ago!  Why do I watch TV again?

3 thoughts on “I Hate The Biggest Loser

  1. “The amount of stress these people are putting on their hearts makes my heart ache sympathetically.”

    An awesome post. I think you said it perfectly.


  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! My thoughts exactly. I think this may be the time that they kill someone…a freaking marathon in death valley!? Are they insane?!
    I will be shocked if they take in more than a few hundred calories a day…wasn’t there a past contestant that came forward and essentially said they starve/dehydrate themselves before weigh in..yeah here is the article:

    Not only is in extraordinarily unhealthy, but it is literally impossible to lose that much “fat” in a week. They are not losing body fat for the majority its water weight, muscle and the like…your hair starts falling out, you aren’t getting nutrients, your skin turns ashen…supplements enough don’t cut it. Its a similar problem to those that have bypass. It just causes problems!

    Plus I HATE what it does to the normal viewer. “why can’t i lose 20 pounds a week!…bah 1 pound this sucks I quit!” Even the contestants on the show are jaded….was it Patrick on Tuesday that lost 20 pounds and said how disappointed he was in himself because he was hoping for a bigger number?! A BIGGER NUMBER?! 20 pounds is a ridiculously big number.

    Another peeve…actually with the show…is that they allow girls that are only 238-250 pounds….but then guys are 330+. If they want people who need it the most…who are at absolute risk of death…pick the 300+ people across the board. If you are going to hit goal weight and be on maintenance come the end of the ranch then you shouldn’t be there in the first place. bah

    But unfortunately I keep watching. /sigh I have missed multiple seasons but last few I have been watching. I don’t know why…I spend the entire 1 1/2 yelling at my TV. But I watch nonetheless.

    But yeah great post. I agree wholeheartedly.

  3. I really love this article that you did Kate. I think in the show it is out of shear desperation that people do these kind of things. It is not a healthy long term lifestyle for anyone. I just hope that after the show many found that healthy lifestyle on there own. If they starve themselves, and get eating disorders, in the long run it forms a big stigma on you, because you can never form a healthy relationship with food, not mentally! Eating disorders usually hand to you, sometimes more, sometimes less, and haunt you a lifetime. That’s how much mental damage, not even to mention what else, that these kind of shows can do to you. I hope the contestants show more kindness and sympathy to themselves after the show! Great blog! Thanks for posting it!

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