Yes!  Yes, yes yes!  I don’t know exactly what it is, but I feel FANTASTIC this week.  I’m really starting to see the results of all this hard work.

I know running is going to be my new thing.  God, I feel GREAT already just from the 3 run/walks I did for the Couch to 5K this week.

By the way, there it is.  70 pounds lost!  Only 30 more to go.  I’m totally going to make it.  Cheers to life!

One thought on “217

  1. Congratulations! I loved the couch25k program. It is amazing how it works. I couldn’t run a quarter of a mile when I started and I just did 2 half marathons this last year. Keep up the awesome work! I felt so good and so full of energy after running as well. It is a great feeling.

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