Loving the Woman in the Mirror

I went to the usual Tuesday night class at the gym today, in the room made of mirrors.

I was wearing the black capri length stretch leggings that are actually hanging a little loose now rather than being stretched to capacity and a 3/4 sleeve, grey, close-fitting, ancient, cotton shirt.

I still have 37 pounds to reach my goal of 180 pounds.  I weigh 217 pounds, 70 pounds less than one year ago.

Well I saw myself in the mirror today and you know what I thought for possibly the first time ever?  I look great!

I’ve looked in the mirror so many times and seen everything wrong and nothing right, but today I saw the opposite.  Sure, I still have some weight to lose but I’ve lost so much.  For once, the flaws were overshadowed by the positives.  And I actually LIKE the way I look now.  No.  I don’t like it.  I LOVE it.

As someone who has always found so many things wrong with my appearance and so few things right, I just have to write that one more time while I’m in the state of mind to do it.

I look great.

I love the way I look.

I love the way my clothes fit.

I am attractive.

I am pretty.

I am sexy.


Ok, crying a little now 🙂  good tears.

2 thoughts on “Loving the Woman in the Mirror

  1. I looked up “inspiration” and found your blog. You’re undertaking a great transformation, both inner and outer, and the world is proud of you. There was a time I struggled with weight and body image (still do sometimes). It’s always a struggle, but it seems you’re winning. Best of luck to you with your goals. Much love – Nickie

  2. you are so freaking beautiful, you might blind the world with all your shining beauty!!!! Thank you for your inspiring comments, you shared something with me that you dont share often with others, and considering we have never met, i consider that an honor, and a gift. I would love to speak more with you later if you would like.
    I hope you are doing ok, and i wish you so much happiness and health. I will be posting a new blog later today about ALL the food i ate over the last few days, im so proud….but also really swollen and bloated, but i know i can gain the weight i need to so i can be healthy and maybe have babies one day myself, who knows the skies the limit if i recover! I hope.

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