All my clothes are falling off again.  I fit into my too tight jeans comfortably now.  I’m wearing a size 14, smaller than I wore in high school.  My waist is 34″.

I unsubsribed to The Avenue (plus sized clothes) email list this week.  Thank god.  I am happy to say I will never walk into a plus sized store again.  I’m SO happy to be out of the Siberian Wasteland of the Women’s Size Section.  Do they really have to make so much ugly plus sized clothes?  It really sucks.  PLEASE do something about this, clothing retailers.  Fat people spend money too.

I think I should be getting some kind of raise and/or bonus shortly, and my treat is definitely going to be new clothes!  I’m wearing too many things that just don’t fit and that I really don’t like that much because when you’re heavy you have to settle for things that fit and that means sacrificing style.  I want to have style!  I’ve been thinking a lot about it and I want to project an image that reflects who I am.  Simple, classic, artsy, a little bit hippi…  Happy.  Positive.  Colorful.

Oh, and new workout clothes!  My stretchy pants that used to be stretched past capacity and now falling off as well.

Losing weight is grand.  Compliments coming from all quadrants this week.  I’m very happy and optimistic.

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