Can’t Have and Don’t Want are not the same.

I’m getting a lot of questions about my weight loss lately.  One of the most common questions I get from people goes something like this:

Don’t you feel deprived because of all the foods you can’t have?

I actually do not feel deprived at all, difficult as that may be to believe or understand.  When I started this thing, I told myself I could eat anything I wanted in moderation, as long as I stayed within the calorie limits I set for myself.  Naturally, some things are better choices than others.  A whole apple or 5 M&Ms?  Seems obvious- the apple will make me fuller and provide necessary fiber and vitamins.

As I progressed, I started learning more and more about nutrition and started cutting foods out of my diet.  This was not be cause of any hard-fast rule, it was because the more aware I became and the more I was conscientious about what I was eating, and the less foods seemed to be optimal for health.

One of the hardest things to cut out was High Fructose Corn Syrup.  But I have successfully eliminated it from my diet.  This required a lot of reading of nutritional labels.  I was so sad the day I discovered HFCS in my favorite packaged hummus.

I also no longer consume anything labeled “Low Fat” because that label tends to hide other ingredients, especially an increase in carbohydrates.  I want my fats to be fats and my carbs to be carbs.  I don’t want cheese made of corn starch.  I’m trying to get whole foods in their most natural state with the least amount of unidentifiable ingredients.

I don’t want these food substitutes.  I want my health.

And now I am about to make another major change to my diet.  I can no longer turn a blind eye to the horror of the meat industry.  I’m planning a return to vegetarianism this week.  It isn’t about eating meat- I’m okay with that.  It’s about the industrialization of meat production.  I do not find the practices acceptable on a health level, a human rights level, or an animal-cruelty level.  And I can’t justify putting the type of meat that is readily available into my mouth anymore.  I never really could- it was only willful ignorance that allowed me to eat it.

Unfortunately, it seems like the more I learn about the foods I’ve been eating, the less acceptable foods there are to eat.  It is nothing less than incredibly disturbing.

One thought on “Can’t Have and Don’t Want are not the same.

  1. Congrats on your weight loss. And it’s good to hear that you’re not focusing on the things you can’t have…it really is a preference.

    As for meat, I haven’t been able to forgo that just yet as it’s harder to get the necessary protein I need. But there are local and smaller companies that deal with meat in a more humane way than the large manufacturing companies. So if you really want meat, you can find it that’s humane and environmentally friendly. But if you never really liked it to begin with, it’s find to be vegetarian.

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