Lose 30 Pounds FAST Without Diet OR Exercise!!!

You’ve seen claims like this on TV,  read the ads in magazines, heard them on the radio. Did you click on this blog because you thought it might contain a secret weight loss solution, that magic bullet you’ve been searching for?  Have you tried diets?  Pills? Joined a club?  Bought the book? Eaten frozen “healthy” meals? Drank chalky shakes?

Did it work?  Did you keep the weight off?  I suppose if you did, you wouldn’t still be looking.

Everybody wants the easy answer and desperate people are notoriously easy to deceive.  When everything you read or hear is stated as if it is a hard fact based on science, how is a person to know what to do?  Surely, one of these plans will work for you, right?


The diet industry does not want you to permanently lose weight.  If you did, who would buy its products?  The diet industry preys upon a confused and desperate group.  And the truth of the matter is, almost ANY diet will cause you to lose weight.  That’s the easy part.  ANYBODY can lose weight.  Keeping it off is the war.

Diets are not designed to help you lose weight permanently.  They are meant to give you quick results so you will tell your friends “I tried Slim-Rapid and lost 10 pounds in ONE WEEK!” and then your friends will buy it too.

But if a diet doesn’t teach you what to do to keep the weight off, you’re probably better off without it.  Sorry to say, the weight won’t just stay off once you’ve lost it.  And Yo-Yoing is worse for your health than just being overweight.

Sometimes, more often than seems plausible in an age of supposed regulation, the magic bullet turns out to be an actual bullet- the kind that injures or kills you.

Surely, we have not forgotten Fen-Phen?  Yet nothing seems to stop the endless barrage of new weight loss pills.  Because we are so desperate to lose weight, we’d risk our health to do it?  That is so sad.  Not only because we value our outer appearances so much more than our inner selves but also because it is totally unnecessary!  There is no need to harm yourself to lose weight!

(((I was thinking of linking to some of the more drastic and deadly “diet” plans one can find on the internet, but decided that I do not want to have any part of directing anyone to those plans.)))

People think of The Biggest Loser as this great motivational reality show.  But it’s really just another shill for diet products.  Work-out DVDs are one thing, but the day I saw Jillian’s body on the cover of a box of her “Cleanse and Burn” product, I lost my patience with the show.  It is horrible what TBL has done to dieters, making incredibly unrealistic results seem normal and normal weight loss seem like a failure.  They could at least follow it up with a sequel show about what the contestants do to keep the weight off.

But I suppose if they did that, they would sell less boxes of  “Cleanse and Burn.”  And we can’t have that, now can we?

If you did come to this blog for a secret, I’m not going to disappoint.  Here’s the secret the diet industry does not want you to know:

The best way to lose weight doesn’t cost one penny.

I say “best” not because it is the fastest, but because changing your habits permanently is the only way to keep the weight off permanently.  Old ways = old body.

Eat less and move more.  That’s all there is to it.  Anybody can do it.  Including you.

2 thoughts on “Lose 30 Pounds FAST Without Diet OR Exercise!!!

  1. I agree. Weight loss doesn’t come without effort…and you’d really have to think about your food habits and your exercise plan to maintain your body. I hate those diet pills and things that trick people into quick fixes. It never works in the long term unless they change their habits.

  2. I think this is the whole big confusion – any diet will help you lose weight, but at the same time, no diet really works long term. It’s kind of like saying “Diets work and don’t work simultaneously”. A seeming oxymoron – combination of contradictory terms. Neither statement is entirely true or untrue on its own, but together they do actually make a lot of sense if you take time to explain.
    I had a teacher once who said to me that in examining reliability of information one must always consider its source. This is why every time I see diet books and products that claim they will solve your weight issue forever – all sorts of red flags go up in my mind. You are right – they really don’t want to help us solve our weight issues, if they did – they would be out of business.
    That being said – there are a lot of great books out there that have been pretty useful to me. Michael Pollan’s “In defense of food” being one. “Eat what you love, love what you eat” by Michelle May, and a few others I will not take up time and space to list. But the difference between these books and traditional diet books is that, well, these are not technically diet books. They are more like anti-diet books. Also, as I mentioned about the reliability of the sources – I love the books written by the people who themselves had lost weight. These people generally aren’t selling you any products (other than the book itself, and that’s money well spent in my opinion), and you don’t have to agree with their views and opinions. But you will almost invariably learn something from every one of those books.
    Thanks for another great post.

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