Disconnecting from the Numbers

Numbers are a big part of weight loss.  How many calories, grams, ounces, pounds, reps, miles, strides, inches, sets, etc.  It can be overwhelming, tedious, and repetitive.

I know I will not count calories for the rest of my life.  I know I will not go to the gym 5 days a week for the rest of my life.  It is not going to happen.  I need to find more organic ways to make healthy eating and exercise permanent parts of my life.  I’m trying to be very honest with myself.

So I have 24 pounds until I get to my goal weight.  I’ll be there in less than 6 months.  Now I’m trying some new things to prepare myself.  I am weening myself off the numbers to see if I am ready.  Like all things in life, I believe I have to make this work.  I will not keep the weight off just by wishing it so.  This is the current plan to leave behind some of the tedium:

Part A

I stopped counting calories this week.  I’m still measuring servings and weighing some foods, but I am not writing down what I am eating like I have been for the last year or more.  I think it will be fine.  I am basically eating the same portions and at the same times, just not recording.

Part B

I’m going to take some exercise out of the gym.  I have just completed the Couch to 5K program and I plan to go for a run in my neighborhood at least twice a week.

Part C

When I reach 199 pounds, I am going to stop weighing myself for a month.  This way, I will not have to suffer through the inevitable fluctuations from 190s to 200s.  When I weigh myself a month later, I will be a safe distance away from that 200 chunk on the scale.  And I will never have to look at it again.

About my Goal Weight of 180 pounds:

If you read some older posts I have already rationalized this number for you.  But I’ve decided that when I reach my 180, I am going to have a hydrostatic test done to determine my true body fat percentage.  That way, I can know for sure what weight would put me in the healthy range for fat percentage.

I’m so ready to get free of all this counting!  I’ve been off calorie counting for a few days, but I am just so happy to leave it behind.  I think I’m doing well with eating the right amounts.  It seems pretty natural now.

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