Chocolate and Red Wine

Eating healthy doesn’t mean leaving behind the enjoyment of food.

Quite the contrary actually!  I can honestly say I enjoy food now more than I ever have in my life.  Food isn’t just fuel.  Food is part of the fabric of society, culture, family, friendship, celebration, and much more.  It is not feasible, nor is would it be desirable, to forgo enjoyment of food.

I say, when you’re going to treat yourself, have something fabulous.  But make it about quality, not quantity.

There comes a time of the month where many women experience a desire for chocolate.  I think there is probably a reason for this.  There’s something in that chocolate that something in our bodies wants at a certain point in its hormonal cycle.  I don’t need to know why my body wants it.  I’m listening to my body- not my brain mind you.  I’m not talking about mental cravings.  This is something different.

I could handle the desire for chocolate by either denying it (so sad), eating a bunch of oreos (more appealing), or by having a measured portion of the best chocolate you can find, accompanied by a glass of red wine (we have a winner!)

don't settle for a lame office cookie.

I will have one serving of my favorite dark chocolate and one glass of red wine and I will enjoy it more than anyone has ever enjoyed a bag of oreos.

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