Stick Thin is In

I really do not like the bony look. I almost wrote “I really do not get the bony look” but I think I do get it. The fatter we get as a society the more we worship thinness. Our imagery features thinner and thinner women, as our reality features bigger and bigger ones. If we were all starving to death as a nation, I’m sure a plump woman would be the gold standard.
Nobody wants to be considered fat. The stigma is unbearable. But what is fat? How fat is too fat?
Is she too fat in the before picture?

Nadine Coyle from the British girl band, "Girls Aloud"

Too fat for celebrity, that seems to be the answer.  Personally, I find her infinitely prettier in the before picture. She has pretty close to the perfect, healthy figure.  She’s gorgeous.

It is so sad to see the after picture.  And I know there are girls and women who DO think the bony look is more attractive.  Things that make you say “Ew.”

This is just devastatingly sad to me.  I feel so bad for people who worship boniness.  Not many of us have a metabolism or frame that would make this kind of thinness achievable or maintainable without drastic measures.  I wonder what she did to lose the weight.   I wonder who told her she wasn’t thin enough.

As an American, I’ve never heard of this band before.  But I see the same thing all the time with Hollywood celebrities.  A striking beauty loses too much weight and starts to look scary.  Lindsay Lohan is one example of this phenomenon.

I truly hope I live to see the backlash to the current bony trend.  But it only seems to get worse.  I remember thinking Cindy Crawford was impossibly thin when I was a teenager.  But she was a Glamazon Queen compared to the current generation of frighteningly thin models.  Even Madonna in Lucky Star looks so stocky compared to the video girls of today.  The imagery we see almost seems to be stretched and narrow.  It isn’t natural.

I don’t like it.

The article that inspired this post is here:

LIZ JONES: Why stick-thin Girls Aloud make me so angry

3 thoughts on “Stick Thin is In

  1. This is the only thing I think you need to be careful on. There are some women and especially younger girls that are very thin and even bony looking, naturally. Be careful not to insult them in your quest to bring acceptance for bigger ladies. I know you’ve said all women are beautiful. Maybe you only mean the “intentionally boney” women. But it’s often hard to tell who has done it on purpose and who’s just naturally really skinny. My hubby cannot gain a pound to save his life.

  2. This is quite late for a comment but oh, well… I found your site through Medusa’s blog and since I found it been browsing through your posts. I have no idea who the girl in the picture and her band is but what I wanna say is that she looked great and perfectly healthy before. Now, she’s built like an emaciated old hag!

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