Beautiful Female Body Types (Yes, there is more than one)

Have you ever noticed that most short girls want to be tall and most tall girls want to be short?  Have you noticed that women with small breasts long for enhancement and women with large breasts long for reduction?

They try to sell us the idea that each woman can look like ANY woman.  We can ALL be tall and skinny with big boobs and perfectly curvy bubble butts, tan flawless skin, white teeth and voluminous glowing hair.

Only, we can’t all be that woman.

I think men are a lot more accepting of the idea of variety among women than women are themselves.  I have had many male friends in my life who have been very open about what they preferred when it came to a woman’s physical appearance.  Of course there were those guys who ONLY liked skinny petite girls.  I must admit, I find that a tad creepy, but to each his own.  Most of the guys I have know have openly admired a surprising range of female figures.  One guy told me how much he was turned on by “muffin top.”  One liked shorties.  One liked women who look like superheroes.  Some like perky ones and some like enormous ones.  Most like breasts of all shapes and sizes.  The bottom line is that if you’re female, there’s a good chance there’s a guy out there who’s very interested in seeing what you look like naked.

Personally, I’ve been every weight a woman can be and I’ve never had a shortage of dates!

Why do we want to be what we are not?  And where is the line we will not cross in pursuit of our perceived ideals?

I find it insane and frightening that plastic surgery not only exists, but that it is a commonly accepted practice.  It just baffles my mind.  My line is a lot more conservative than some people’s, I suppose.  I would never cut, maim, vacuum or have foreign objects surgically inserted into my body.  One: it never looks real.  It always looks plastic and alien and therefore gross.  Two: Barring a disfiguring accident or birth defect, I see no reason to take such drastic measures in the attempt to make myself look different.  Why?  There is more than one type of beauty and small breasts are just as beautiful as large ones.


What’s so bad about variety?  Why can’t we celebrate short women with big butts and tall women with small chests and everything in between?

Something that really helped me accept myself was seeing pictures of Crystal Renn.  She has my body type!  I was so excited when I saw her.  Not that I’m a model or anything.  She’s simply stunning in ways I am not.  But just to see a woman in clothes and think to myself “That’s what I would look like in that outfit” felt so freeing!  I’m not saying models shouldn’t be representatives of the most beautiful among us, but there are so many ways to be beautiful.  It is immensely helpful to look at an image of a beautiful woman who has a body like mine.

I could wear that!

I have to show some love to Glamour magazine for taking some steps in the right direction.  After their pictures of Lizzi Miller were such a hit, they listened to their readers and started including more body types in the magazine.  It is the only fashion magazine I will even consider purchasing.  They have an article this month about swimsuits to flatter different figures, but instead of showing 3 figure types that all look pretty much the same, they actually have a very representative spread of many types of women!  I was very happy to see this.

they actually look different!

I’m not the praying type, but I think the answer to self acceptance, and many other aspects of life, is in the serenity prayer.

Accept the things you cannot change: I would go so far as to suggest you love the things you cannot change.  If you can love being tall instead of wishing you were petite, maybe you can see yourself in a better light.

Change the things you can: If you are overweight and/or out of shape, you can change it.  You can lose weight with simple moderate diet and regular exercise.  Wear clothes that highlight the best parts of your figure and minimize the parts you least appreciate.

Know the difference: It is by far the hardest part.  Just be honest with yourself.  You know how restrictive is too restrictive. Try not to judge yourself too harshly against images you see in the media.

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Female Body Types (Yes, there is more than one)

  1. Just read this Glamour today! I was seriously impressed! Swimsuit issues usually make me cringe, but HOLY CRAP!! Real people…and they truly found a suit that looked good on all those beautiful women! Kudos to them!

  2. I love is trrue, accept what you cannot change. May it be for breasts, breasts lip or any body part that you would want to enhance, there is nothing more rewarding than accepting and celebrating what you have. You’ll know what you really want in life.

  3. I agree that every body type is beautiful and we should embrace that. However, I have had 3 pregnancies, been obese on two separate occasions and now am a size 6 and content with that, but if I could afford it I would have my breasts put back where they should be and the loose skin (large amount) taken off my abdomin. It’s not about self esteem it’s more about looking in the mirror and seeing a body that shows all the hard work and effort it took to get here. Right now, baring my middle is rather awful!

    1. I don’t bare my middle and life seems to be going on just fine. Nobody needs to see me naked other than my boyfriend and he has told me many times he prefers my real post weight loss boobs (which are exactly where they “should be” given my life experience) to fake ones anyday 🙂 I just wonder where we got this idea of what breasts “should” look like. I’ve seen many of my friends naked and all of their real breasts look very different. In our thirties, none of us have “perky” ones.

  4. The lady in the picture at “size 12” is NOT a size 12~ notice she is nearly double the size of the “size 16” lady! Apparently Glamour is appealing to their vanity more than the truth. The “size 12” is more like a size 20 in the real world. Also, the “size 6” is nowhere in the ballpark. She is a true size 12 if ever there was one. The size 2 and size 16 look about right for their proportions.

    1. Some personal thoughts on the size 6 beauty: 25 years ago I was wearing a size 8-10 depending on the brand. In the years which have followed, I’ve had a baby and put on 10 pounds. My waist and thighs are thicker, and my hips have spread. A tape measure and scales confirm all of that. Yet today, instead of wearing a larger size, I wear a size 4-6 – I’ve NOT gotten smaller, but labels have changed (that’s been documented in a number of articles too). My current size 6 body type at age 50 mirrors that of the size 6 gal pictured. Glamour is not fudging her size, and that’s good to know.

      Also, distance from the camera, pose, the subject’s height and lighting can make a difference in perception. To me, the size 12 beauty who is notably shorter seems closer to the camera than the size 16 beauty who seems to be quite tall. I think it’s an outstanding showcase!

  5. I think sizes really do depend on the brand, too. In high school, with a very active sports lifestyle, I wore a size 7 in jeans, was a 34 A in bras, but had dresses labeled as a 6, a 10, and a 13, all of which fit perfectly. Four years later with a sedentary lifestyle due to my major I now wear a size 11 in jeans, yet I tried on one of my dresses just two days ago and it still fit. However, if I tried to put on the bride’s maid dress I know I’d never be able to get into it. Women’s sizes are literally all over the place. In swim suits it’s really hard to tell because everything fits differently than normal clothing. How is it one can wear a medium in underwear yet goes to XL for swimwear? I really don’t think it’s fair to compare sizes when every size is different from brand to brand. Sometimes I wish women’s sizes were done like men’s, by leg length and waist (very few brands sell ‘longs’ in pants). Let’s not even mention that in the fashion world a size 6 is considered plus size.

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