Weight Loss

I Lost 95 Pounds in 545 Days!

That’s right.
1 1/2 years.
18 months.
78 weeks.

95 pounds lighter.

Maybe it isn’t as dramatic as starving yourself thin in a few months.  But I’m much more proud of my slow and steady loss because I’ve earned it through patience and perseverance.  The experience of taking responsibility for myself and my body has changed so many other aspects of my life.  The length of time seems like nothing to me in the grand scheme of things because this is a permanent change I’ve made.  I’m not going back this time.

I don’t even feel like I need to try that hard anymore- it’s just a part of life.  Count calories.  Exercise.  Exercise better than you did yesterday.  Simple.

It is really simple.  All my life, I tried to make it so hard.

I had every imaginable excuse why I was fat.
Bad luck.
Back pain.
Slow metabolism.

I had so many justifications for being fat.
I was just curvy.
I was fat and happy (only I wasn’t happy).
I was pleasantly plump.
I was just born to be big.

I hid from the truth.  I didn’t want to know my weight.  I didn’t want to know how many calories were in my food.  I was afraid to find out.

I was avoiding the unavoidable.  If you are gaining weight and you ignore it, you gain more.  Simple.  So do something about it as soon as you notice!

There was nothing to be afraid of.  Once I knew the numbers, nothing changed.  I only realized what had been true all along: I was almost 300 pounds and I ate way too much and I didn’t do anything physical.

And so I changed that.  And my body changed accordingly.

The secret to weight loss is that there is no secret.

3 thoughts on “I Lost 95 Pounds in 545 Days!

  1. I found your blog through Fat Secret a couple of weeks ago and wanted to let you know how inspiring your journey has been. I love your realism and your passion for health, as opposed to skinny at any cost. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Excellent and perceptive post as usual. Too often it’s the soft option to think that pounds put on over several years should vanish in a few weeks, which is a mentality that dooms many dieters to failure. Thanks Kate.

  3. Fat Secret, You said it so well K8YK. Seems like this word “Secret” is everywhere from the Dan Brown books to the Fat Secret website. What it comes down to is we know and have known all along. The veil is lifting. People wake up and join in amoung the living. Come to the realization that we are so much more and can do so much better for ourselves, others and the world. TOWANDA!!

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