Beautiful to Me

(the artwork is my own)
broken mirror
There is beauty in everything, even ugly things.  Beauty is a combination of form, color and motion.  Certain formations provide for us an aesthetic experience.  Each individual experiences a different version of beauty.  Your vision of beauty may not be a choice.  Just as some people love the flavor of cilantro and some hate it, we all have a different reaction to the things we see.  Sometimes we’re born with these preferences and sometimes they are influenced by the things we see, hear, and learn growing up.

The most difficult thing to objectively see is yourself.

When I was a little girl, I used to cut out photographs of women in fashion magazines.  I would meticulously remove their tall, thin bodies from their surroundings.  Then I would store these cutouts in an envelope.  I thought of them as my dolls- but I don’t remember ever “playing” with them.  But I admired them.  They were so beautiful.

I always liked to draw women.  I drew impossibly tall, thin women.  People would comment on how skinny they were and I would feel embarrassed.  I was not skinny.

I still like to draw women.  But I see things a lot more clearly with my 32 year old eyes than I did with my 12 or 22 year old eyes.  Now I see beauty in our differences.  I see facets of beauty in female figures of all shapes and sizes.  I think a woman can be very beautiful at a wide variety of sizes, but the most aesthetically pleasing body to my eye is a healthy one.  I like to see bodies that celebrate life.  I like to see a high waist and a long curve to the hip.  I love to see athletes, especially sprinters with their powerful thighs. And glowing skin in all shades, especailly warmed by the joy of movement.

I can see the beauty in frailty.  And a kind of sad beauty in emaciation. 

I see the beauty in a curvy cherub of a woman.  And yet another kind voluptuous beauty in the reubenesque.

No body type disgusts me. But my idea of beauty is about being strong and healthy.

And because it feels so rebellious to say so: I see beauty in myself.  I am not perfect.  I am flawed.  My body is not perfect.  There are good and bad things about every single thing in the universe.  Nothing is black and white.  The grass is not greener somewhere else.  It is useless to yearn to be someone else.  I can only be me.


The most beautiful thing in a person, to me, is self-acceptance and self-respect.  A smile with the eyes.  A full, hearty laugh.  Dancing with no reservation.  Kindness.  Open-mindedness.  Personal style.  Self-awareness.  Warmth.

I refuse to allow anyone to tell me that there’s only one way to be beautiful. I refuse to feel  that I’m not good enough.  I don’t buy the lie they feed us.  I am beautiful.

You are too.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful to Me

  1. wow not only a great post but your artwork is simply amazing! I love love love it! just wow great stuff! and Yes you are beautiful and every human being is beautiful as well! Love this!

  2. Reminds me I some day will get a copy of this beautiful artwork you created but now I must borrow your words as they are most beautiful my very wise Buddy K8yk:)

    “The most beautiful thing in a person, to me, is self-acceptance and self-respect. A smile with the eyes. A full, hearty laugh. Dancing with no reservation. Kindness. Open-mindedness. Personal style. Self-awareness. Warmth.

    I refuse to allow anyone to tell me that there’s only one way to be beautiful. I refuse to feel that I’m not good enough. I don’t buy the lie they feed us. I am beautiful.

    You are too.”

    This is what we shall teach, absolute Truth…with Love and Gratitude, Lisa. TOWANDA!!!!!!

  3. A blind person may miss the beauty of your artwork, but even that blind person will appreciate the beauty of your words. It takes a journey for anyone to accomplish anything worthwhile. Some journeys are short and sweet, others are long, at times painful and other times enlightening.
    I am happy that in my own journey I stumbled on you and your blog. I may put a high price on your art, but your wisdom, (Master Card commercial moment?) is priceless. Hugs.

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