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Crystal Renn, You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are

Earlier this year, when I saw a picture of Crystal at her “plus size weight” I was amazed at how beautiful she was in a way you rarely see celebrated in the media.  I consider myself a fan.  I loved her book, Hungry.  It had so many relate-able moments for me.  I’ve written about her several times in various posts.

I realized a few weeks ago that I am thinner than the photos that once inspired me.

And now Crystal is thinner as well.

beautiful at any size

The furor over her recent weight loss resonates with me yet again.  People in my own life also have a hard time with change.  They don’t know how to compliment me without it being a backhanded compliment.  The suggestions that I’m “too thin” or should “eat a cheeseburger” are really quite absurd.  And hurtful.  My body is mine and mine alone.  No one else should feel it is their place to tell me what I should weigh or look like.  Let that be my decision.

Crystal Renn is gorgeous. She’s gorgeous now- at size 8/10. She was gorgeous at size 14. And she was gorgeous at size 0 – though she was quite ill, her inner beauty shone through. I cannot imagine being her and having my every weight fluctuation scrutinized and criticized in the media. At her heaviest, some people called her too fat. At her thinnest, too thin. And now, she has recently gone through a difficult break up and reintroduced exercise into her life and has lost a few pounds. And people are calling her a hypocrite.

How can people not see that berating someone for losing weight is exactly the same as judging her for gaining it? I know it is too much to expect of people, but I wish they could just let Crystal be whatever makes her happy and healthy. There IS something between size 14 and size 0, you know? I’m in the same place. I love my body it’s current at size 10/12. But love and self acceptance don’t mean I stop trying to improve my figure. Why should it? Loving my body actually makes me MORE desirous of eating well and exercising, not less. And if the result is further weight loss, is it really necessary for people to say I am too thin? People have a very hard time with change.

I know the world looks at weight as this fairy tale. Be thin, be happy. Or accept yourself, be happy. But it isn’t that way. One can love herself, be happy, and still find her weight changes, purposefully or not. One can love oneself and still desire to change. Weight loss isn’t always a good thing, but it isn’t always a destructive thing either.

Let Crystal decide what her ideal size is. As long as she is healthy, I don’t give a rat’s ass what size she is. She’s still a hero and role model to me.

4 thoughts on “Crystal Renn, You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are

  1. “One can love herself, be happy, and still find her weight changes, purposefully or not.”

    Well said! And I totally agree. By commenting on her weight loss and having an opinion about it (especially a negative one) we are still reinforcing the idea that women’s bodies are here to be judged – whether too fat, too thin or “perfect.” There’s no such thing. Every woman is different – therefore, every woman should be able to decide who she wants to be and how she wants to look, regardless of what others think!


    PS-I agree, she’s just a stunning person. I really want to read her book!

  2. IMHO Crystal disappointed me, she is now as skinny as all the other models so I guess she wrote this book just to get famous. it was a calculated move this whole ex anorexic embracing her curves bullshit .Sophie Dahl also lost all the weight; In the end these b*tches just gave the message pretty clear that:
    1)if you are anorexic please never get recovered because size 0-2 always wins.
    2)if you are overweight please lose the weight cause size 0-2 wins.
    3)look at Olivia Palermo, she is skinny, famous, very rich and have the hottest boyfriend, so size0 wins
    4)even England’s so princess lost the weight, because chubby girls can’t be princesses, now she is size 0
    Crystal Renn is the living proof that size 0 is the answer so I will stick to my anorexia and keep at my bmi15, I know I don’t have the fame, money and I’m lonely and sad but at least am a size 0, that’s all that matters. Now I just need to pretend to be eating this Christmas and hopefully will lose some weight, Thank you Crystal, so much for your body acceptance and eating disorder recovery fairytale! you are a great thinspiration! you are a fake just like all the others.

    1. I hope you find help. Starving yourself to be lonely and sad is no way to live life. You’re right- the media celebrates sickness. So turn it off. Don’t watch tv. Don’t read magazines. Spend time with real people, your friends and family. You will soon discover that the happiest people are happy for reasons that have nothing to do with appearance.
      Best wishes in your future,

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