Calorie counts for the month

Average calorie deficit per day for November: 632

Number of “treats” (cookies, candy, etc) eaten in break room at work: 0

Number of planned days at the gym skipped: 0

Days over RDI: 1 (Thanksgiving, +162 calories)

Weight lost in November: 4 pounds

Total weight lost: 114 pounds

Take that Holiday Season.

6 thoughts on “173

  1. Sure Susan, it’s Fatsecret. I believe there is a link somewhere along the right. It’s free and there’s both an online counter and a smartphone app. I love, love, love the iPhone app!! But you can just use online if you don’t have an app phone. Very supportive healthy weight loss community too.

    1. Thanks! I will check it out. I will see if they have it for my ipod touch. I am new to your blog and I truly admire and appreciate you. Thank you for being so candid about things. All the best to you!

  2. Hello! I love this blog! I started reading from your first post and have gotten this far in about a week. You are so inspirational! I have a question about calories burned: Do you include what your body burns naturally or are the cals burned numbers that you burned at the gym/working out?

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