Proof Positive, People Can Change

As 2010 comes to an end, I find myself thinking about changes I’ve made in my life in the last two years.

  • Lost 114 pounds, went from size 22/24 to size 10.
  • Quit smoking cigarettes
  • Cut way back on drinking
  • Made exercise a priority and a habit
  • Went back to being vegetarian
  • Stopped eating out and started cooking
  • Started eating breakfast every day and packing lunch to work
  • Learned to run and ran my first 5K
  • Took control of my health

And when I think of how different I am now, I think to myself  “proof positive, people can change.”  The way things are today doesn’t have to be the way things are tomorrow.  It may not happen overnight, but it can happen if you are patient and determined.

I think a lot of us fall victim to feeling trapped in our lives.  Even though there are a variety of life situations we can potentially find ourselves in, there are always choices to be made.  If there are things in our lives we can make better, it is up to us to change them.  When I opened my eyes I saw.  I chose my priorities and they led to me being overweight.  I chose different priorities, and now…

I’m glad to be where I am today.  It was all worth it.

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