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Simple Snack – Personal Veggie Plate

personal veggie plate

I have always liked the veggie tray at a party.  Such a simple way to eat veggies, I like to make a “personal veggie plate” for myself as an afternoon snack, especially on weekends.  It satisfies that snacky urge to eat something crunchy dipped in something flavorful.

In the above photo take note the portion sizes.  Green peppers, radishes and tomatoes are extremely low calorie and can be eaten in almost unlimited quantities.  Olives are very high in sodium and should be eaten in limited quantities.  In general, dips are high calorie and need to be limited.  Tempting as it is to devour an entire tub of hummus, the suggested serving is 2 tablespoons, which is pictured above.  I measured using a measuring spoon for this photo, but generally I estimate now that I know visually what 1 tbsp looks like.  The pesto (homemade basil walnut pesto) is shown in a 1/2 tbsp serving.

Healthy, low calorie food can be simple, festive and tasty!

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