I’m on to the part of my weight loss journey where I am searching for the end point.  It’s around here somewhere!  180 pounds was my goal first goal weight, which I reached in August last year.  Since then, I’ve been taking it in 5 pound increments.  First 175, then 170 now 165 is my goal.

My body has changed dramatically over the last ten pounds.  My exercise regime includes three days a week of Les Mills Body Pump, which I very much credit for changing my shape.  Because it takes me through a full body workout, I’m really making a lot of progress in my upper body.  I’ve always preferred lower body workouts for some reason and find it very difficult to push myself to do an effective upper body workout.  But I’m seeing all this definition in my shoulders and arms I never had before.  And I’m loving it!

Over the last 10 pounds, I’ve lost 2 cup sizes.  Some women lose breast tissue first, I seem to have lost it near the end of the journey.  I went from a DD to a C.  While of course I have some mixed feeling about this, overall I am pleased as the C cups make a lot more sense on my current body and I can fit shirt styles I’ve never considered before.

I am currently a size 10 pants.  I can squeeze into some 8s but I’m definitely size ten.

I don’t want to lose very much more weight, but I’m still working on my fitness and still eating healthy, which I always will.  So my body continues to change in exciting ways.  I’m loving my figure at the moment and it gives me a thrill when I try on clothes.

Overall I have lost 118 pounds since January 2009.  I feel amazing!

5 thoughts on “169

  1. I can tell you how I came to my end point although I feel grossly unqualified to speak on the subject since I never had as much weight to lose as you. I was shockingly skinny for most of my life and then came 30 and marriage and a second child and my weight crept up to 170. I’m now in the mid-140s and…

    I’m at a point where weight loss is no longer a goal. I realize it may still be a side effect of meeting my nutrition and fitness goals but weight loss is no longer the priority. I know it will still happen but I no longer have a number in mind. My weight will balance out at what ever it ends up and what ever that number is is fine with me. I suspect I’ll level out in the 130s somewhere which will be good. I was 115 when I was 30 (10 years ago) and I never want to be that thin again. I’m 5’8″ so you can imagine – all I saw were bones in the mirror.

    My nutrition goals are to eat reasonable portions of healthy, natural foods. To eat 3 times a day (I’m famous for a huge dinner and skipping breakfast & lunch), to eat the foods that will fuel my workouts (the right ratios of carbs/protein/fats which vary depending on my miles running). By reasonable portions I mean to eat until I’m not hungry anymore but not until I feel full.

    My fitness goals are to run 4 times a week and to always have a goal in mind to be working toward. Right now it’s a half-marathon in March and after that I’m going to be working on improving my 5K time.

    Anyway, I hope that gives you something to consider and is helpful in some way. Congratulations on your amazing success. Your story inspires me!

  2. Hi, K8YK! 🙂

    I’m GilmoreGirl from Fatsecret. I just linked to your blog from my blog, because I think that my readers could really benefit from your blog! Great advice, as always.

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