Look, I’m Writing about Something other than my Weight!

An unexpected benefit of my weight loss journey is that I have rediscovered the joy of writing.  Keeping this blog has been inspiring for me and I love the online interaction I get.  It’s so interesting and informative to read your responses, thoughts and comments.  It has helped me immensely to share myself this way and find out that far from being alone, many people go through the same things I have every single day.

The last few months have been a time of change for me.  I pulled away from the diet site I was visiting so frequently.  For more than a year, I updated my journal their almost daily and participated on the forums to an excessive degree.  When I decided I needed to think less about weight and weight loss, I knew I needed to cut it back and I have restricted myself to a once-a-month update on maintenance.

This left a large hole to fill with other things and I have made some fruitful choices out of the extra time.  First and foremost, I am working to update my portfolio, which is a necessary step in advancing my career.  But I also wanted to continue writing.  So I applied for a weekly blogging position and was chosen to write for Loose Garments, an aptly named blog for someone who has lost over 120 pounds, don’t you think?  You wouldn’t believe how many literal loose garments I have in my closet!

Loose Garments covers feminist culture, human rights, and cool women.  If you are interested in reading what I have to say about these subjects and issues other than weight (although I am sure the two subjects will sometimes overlap) please check it out!  For my introductory post, they re-posted one of my blog posts from here, More to Life than Thin and Pretty

And my first assignment was published this weekend, regarding some items from the recent news: the sexual assault charges against former IMF chief Dominique Strauss Kahn and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s infidelity.  Hope you’ll take a minute to stop by!  I will continue to update this blog as well.

Rape is Not a Sex Scandal

3 thoughts on “Look, I’m Writing about Something other than my Weight!

  1. Congratulations K8!! You have inspired me beyond recognition and I thank you for sharing your stories, insight and life!

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