Getting Fitter – The Wonderful World of Maintenance

I officially entered the Maintenance phase of this weight thing back in April.  So I’m on my third month and it’s going well.  I set 170 pounds as my weight “ceiling” and hit it once.  I promptly reversed that.  It wasn’t anything serious- just a weekend with a bit more alcohol and Papa John’s Six Cheese Pizza than my digestive system can handle.  My weight bounces around between 164 and 167 generally.

Sometimes I have days when I look in the mirror and I feel thin and sometimes I look in the mirror and feel a bit chubbier.  Mostly, I have realized this has nothing to do with what I actually look like.  How we perceive ourselves is so mental.

But for the last week, I’ve had a series of Thin Days.  And yesterday, I tried on two pairs of size 6 pants that actually fit.  Holy Shit!  I have never in my life put on a size 6 anything!  I’ve noticed that in shirts, I can sometimes wear a small.  And my medium workout pants were falling off last week in BodyAttack.  So this morning, I took my measurements and it turned out my perception was correct- I lost an inch in the bust, waist, and hip.  37-28-37.  All while maintaining the same weight.  Now that’s badass!  That means I gained muscle and lost fat.  Neat!

I have visible biceps, triceps, and most excitingly, shoulder muscles.  I feel like a BodyPump proselytizer, but screw it, this class REALLY works!  I do no weight lifting other than BodyPump three days a week and the changes are unbelieveable. Bonus: it’s fun.  I genuinely love it.

I’ve never had this happen before because I’ve never worked out when I’m already fit.  It’s cool!  I feel inspired looking at the super-fit women at the gym and realizing I am now one of them.  And I smile to myself when I see a new obese person at the gym.  I send them mental powers: You can do it, You can do it!  And I know they have no idea I used to be there.

Mostly this all makes me feel elated.  I think because I lost the weight so slowly, I had a nice long time to really digest all the changes that needed to be made.  I had plenty of time to get all introspective and seriously examine myself.  The mental changes I made were even bigger than the physical ones, which are also huge of course!  Size 22 to size 6.  You would smile too 🙂

I’m starting to consider getting a personal training certification.  If I could help some other people in person, and not just online, I feel like that would be really rewarding.  And I would have that credibility that most trainers lack, having lost 120 pounds myself.

So cheers to life “on the other side.”   There are still ups and downs.  Being thin doesn’t make life perfect.  But it does give me a base of health, energy, and the wonderful feeling of knowing I’m taking care of myself.  This makes everything in life easier.  And when the bad days do come, they don’t hurt as much and they seem to pass more quickly.

If you are thinking about doing this, changing your lifestyle, do it.  It’s so worth it.  I’ve never made a better decision in my life.

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