This is Not a Diet – It’s YOUR Life

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This is Not a Diet – It’s Your Life, on Facebook

3 thoughts on “This is Not a Diet – It’s YOUR Life

    1. Hi Britt! Please feel free to “like” my page if you want to keep up with me 🙂 I don’t add people I don’t know IRL (or really well online) with my personal FB account- trying to keep that for personal stuff and my page for Healthy Lifestyle stuff. You can find my page here:

  1. A big man finds it hard to go on a diet, because he is sure to feel hungry after consuming only moderate amounts of just about all foods. However, females who attempt to develop a strategy that guarantees weight loss for women face an equally daunting challenge. That challenge arises from the nature of female preferences and the ideal ways to go about losing weight. For example, a busy mother can find it hard to eat at a moderate pace, when she is home alone, or while she is caring for a toddler. Yet dieters are always encouraged to slow down.

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