Before and After Photo – 287 lb to 165 lb

Before and After Losing 120+ Pounds

I can’t believe I’ve never posted a “Before and After” weight loss picture on here!  I guess I kind of liked the idea that this blog was a somewhat anonymous in case I wanted to write something I didn’t want to write to everyone I know.  But screw it, right?  I am who I am, and I don’t have anything to hide.

I really wish I had taken measurements when I was heavy, but I didn’t.  I do know, however, that my waist is about half the size it used to be.

Size 22/24 to size 8/10.

No pills, no plans, no shakes, no shots, no bands, no surgery, no trainers, no supplements, no rules.

This is not a diet, it’s my life.

7 thoughts on “Before and After Photo – 287 lb to 165 lb

  1. I’ve seen this pic a few times on FS, but it amazes me every time. You’re such an inspiration, and you look great!

  2. You are proof that losing weight is way more than the advertising references to “fun” and “Quick” and the infamous “so easy.” You look down right THRILLED at the results. It is worth the effort. I am happy for you; I am inspired for me; I am pleased that you share all this. This is truly Mind-Body medicine at its finest. BRAVO.

  3. yessss! Thank you! I check in on your blog through my RSS feed and I am always encouraged by you. Thank you for that reminder. This is not a diet. This is life.

  4. AMAZING! You are quite beautiful, you know. Thanks for all the inspiration. It’s so nice to know that eating correctly heals and that you can lose without extreme measures. You just have to figure out what works for you. For me, it was dropping gluten and not replacing it with high-calorie, low nutrition substitutes. It’s a slow but healing process and you were one of my glowing examples that it COULD be done. — Johanne

  5. Very informative and interesting as I am making a life change, changing the way I eat, the amount and the food. So far, it’s working and I like your blog. Hello from Canada.

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