Cast a stone, create many ripples

I try on a lot of clothes.  After losing so much weight, I’m faced with having to completely rebuild my wardrobe.  It took me years to accumulate all the clothes I used to wear, and I am starting from scratch.  I often overhear other women talking in the dressing rooms and I hear a lot of things that really bother me.  I hear about hating fat thighs or disgusting bellies.  I hear about breasts that are too big or butts that are too flat.  Nobody, it seems, is ever satisfied with her appearance.

So I thought, wouldn’t this be a good place to leave messages for other women that might make them stop and think about our mental relationships to our bodies.  The dressing room is an emotional place.  I have been very upset and extremely elated in dressing rooms.  No matter what you’re feeling when you are alone with that mirror, you are not alone.  Body-dissatisfaction is a society-wide crisis.

I ordered some cards from a really cool little online service HERE and I’m going to leave them in dressing rooms for whoever comes along next.

Then I thought, I could also “leave” these cards online!  So here they are.  Feel free to share anywhere you think somebody might need a little pick me up or a little inspiration, or print them out and leave them around your house.  Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Cast a stone, create many ripples

  1. I am not sure that I would want to be inspired by “you are want you eat” in a dressing but this is a great idea.

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