50 Things I Did Not Do to Lose Weight

In order to lose 125 pounds, I did not:

  1. Have gastric bypass surgery
  2. Get the lap band
  3. Follow a plan
  4. Go hungry
  5. Drink shakes
  6. Take supplements
  7. Hire a personal trainer
  8. Inject myself with HCG
  9. Give up bread
  10. Give up carbs
  11. Give up fat
  12. Give up chocolate
  13. Give up wine
  14. Suffer
  15. Punish myself
  16. Berate myself
  17. Use fat burners
  18. Get up before work to go to the gym
  19. Stop eating after 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm or 10pm
  20. Have meals delivered to me
  21. Eat frozen dinners
  22. Use Low Fat salad dressing
  23. Give up butter
  24. Stop watching TV
  25. Stop eating out with friends
  26. Stop going to happy hour
  27. Take diet pills
  28. “Cleanse” myself
  29. “Detox” anything
  30. Skip meals
  31. Stop putting cream in my coffee
  32. Drink Diet soda
  33. Switch to artificial sweeteners
  34. Join Weight Watchers
  35. Join Jenny Craig
  36. Join Nutrisystem
  37. Drink Slim Fast
  38. Eat Lean Cuisine
  39. Eat Healthy Choice
  40. Discard the egg yolks
  41. Starve myself
  42. Take laxatives
  43. Exercise until I puked or cried
  44. Drink cayenne pepper lemonade
  45. Eat cabbage soup
  46. Subsist on baby food
  47. Swallow a tape worm
  48. Take Alli
  49. Take Phentermine
  50. Go on a diet
I chose option B.

18 thoughts on “50 Things I Did Not Do to Lose Weight

  1. Agree with all EXCEPT #18– nothing wrong or unhealthy about getting up before work to get that workout in, especially if it means you can then go to happy hour after work that day!

    1. Getting up early is great- but you don’t have to and I didn’t. My point is that I found something that works for me. I always used to think I *had to* get up early and work out because all the studies said that was *best*, but it didn’t work for me. I’d have to get up at 4am and that’s just too much for me. I work out after work and that is much better in my life.
      A lot of these things aren’t necessarily “wrong” – but they aren’t requirements either.
      If my job was different or my gym was closer or something, I’d love to get up early and work out!

  2. I saw a doco on our body clocks last night and apparently the best time of day to exercise is at 4pm and best time to drink is around 7pm! So gym then pub for a healthy life!

  3. Fabulous. I’m always a little (more than) ticked when I’m asked if I had lap band surgery to lose my weight (not that that isn’t a valid option for some). Believe it or not, good ole eating right and moving your a$$ works EVERY time πŸ˜‰

  4. Once kids came into my life (through foster care and eventually were adopted) I HAD to get up before work if I wanted to do anything and make it work for my family. YES it IS all about finding what works for YOU! A co-worker (who is attempting to loose 60+ lbs as she is “obese” (her words not mine) ) just informed me today that she is on a diet where she can not eat greens!! GREENS!!!! What the what!!!! It took EVERYTHING in me to not yell! I have pointed her to your site many times and others I truely believe have it right (in my opinion) so I guess that is all I can do!!!!

  5. I really like the graphic — it’s “on the nose” as far as making lifestyle choices, versus a temporary detour for a bit and then getting right on the same road. We should be proud when we see getting healthy as going in a new direction, versus taking that detour (“I just need to do this until I lose XX pounds”).
    And Kaleo, totally agree on #40! I used to be the person to get egg whites only … then I read how most of the protein and nutrients are in the yolk! I’m back to eating the whole egg now πŸ™‚

  6. Love, love, love!! I can’t even begin to explain to anyone what I do, but this list is a great start. I’ve watched people around me who are “losing weight” really restrict food, are always hungry and don’t eat fat, but do eat crappy frozen meals and boxed instant food, and stinky low fat salad dressing, that I could scream!

    Its really hard to explain the lifestyle change. That I’m NOT going back to the old way of eating that made me feel so crappy and this is my life now. I reached my tipping point, and someday, hopefully they will too! I will offer my take on things if they ask, but only if they ask.

    You are truly an inspiration! Thank you!

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