Blissful Yoga 30 Day Challenge – Day 5

Day 5

I made it to Craig’s Hot Yoga II class tonight at 4:30.  I had to change at the office and run out the door at 4:20 after completing one final Friday last-minute-emergency task (of course).  I’m half convinced that signing up for a 4:30 class jinxes me for work getting in the way.

But I made it!  I like the hot classes and I wish I could make it to more of them.  I can noticeably bend further forward, reach my heels closer to the ground, and twist further.  SO glad I made it to the class.

Made some good attempts at Bakasana (Crane pose) which I can occasionally pull off, but not usually.  I enjoy trying though, even if I do fall on my face (not tonight, but that has happened).  No worries!

bakasana (crane pose)

Tomorrow morning I’m doing an early class then going to the farmer’s market with a friend, so I’m going to cut this short, go finish making my pumpkin soup, and relax!

2 thoughts on “Blissful Yoga 30 Day Challenge – Day 5

  1. I just started practicing hot yoga two weeks ago and I’m in love. You really do get the deepest stretches. I’ve never done regular yoga in normal room temperature, but I have a feeling I wouldn’t be able to stretch as far. Isn’t it great!? Glad you are enjoying it.

    I’m documenting my journey of bikram hot yoga here:

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