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Blissful Yoga 30 Day Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 getting creative with the daily photo now 🙂

Love, love, loved Margie’s Yoga Fusion (Core) class this morning at 7:30 am.  I have really gotten to be a person who loves early mornings.  It’s so quiet outside before the sun comes up.  Arizona deserts will do that to you- it’s the only tolerable part of the day for much of the year.

We tried handstands today.  “Tried” is the operative word for me.  It is only an intention at this point… but someday!  I think my weak lower back holds me back here, but it is getting better.  I enjoy seeing other people accomplish what I cannot.  No jealousy – we are all at different places in our journeys.

Margie was talking about Tapas today, no not the appetizer-like happy hour food (mmm, olives)- Tapasya, the sanskrit word for “heat”.

In the yogic tradition, tapasya may be translated as “essential energy”, referring to a focused effort leading towards bodily purification and spiritual enlightenment. It is one of the Niyamas (observances of self-control) described in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Tapasya implies a self-discipline or austerity willingly expended both in restraining physical urges and in actively pursuing a higher purpose in life. Through tapas, a yogi or spiritual seeker can “burn off” or prevent accumulation of negative energies, clearing a path toward spiritual evolution.

Tapas (Sanskrit) – Wikipedia
Basically having inner fire and enthusiasm, committing to every action with correct intention.  Working for the sake of work, not expecting any reward.  Love. 


Update on my weight level/goals:

Since I changed my routine this week, I counted calories as well.  This is simply something I would do any time I made a big routine change.  When I engage in different activities, my level of hunger changes and counting calories helps me to focus on that so as not to over-eat.  While counting, I realized that I am in a good mental place to be in a deficit right now and I have decided to see what happens if I work on losing a bit more weight to a goal of 155.  This is only an intention and I will not be too concerned if it does not happen quickly or at all.  It’s a curiosity mostly to see if my body would like to go there.

At the beginning of the week I weighed 169 (ovulation + weekend indulgence) and today I weighed 165.  I am hoping to soon get back to my low weight of 161 and go on from there.  MyFitnessPal, the app I use to count, lets you set a goal (mine is lose 1 lb per week) and it calculates a suggested calorie amount toward that goal.  When you complete any activity, it adds on additional calories.  My level to be in a 500 calorie deficit per day is 1390 + exercise, which with 75 minutes of yoga a day comes out to about 1700 calories per day.

I know that calorie counting is a bit controversial for some people and that you may disagree with these numbers.  That is wonderful for you, but I know my body’s levels very well after years of practicing calorie counting.  A once-obese person has a different amount of food that is required to maintain or lose weight than a person who has never been obese.  I can point you to the science behind this if you’re interested!  It will be a different situation for each person, so don’t ever try to base your numbers on anyone else’s.  Or maybe you don’t need calorie counting.  I don’t need it to maintain my weight, but it is very difficult to lose weight without it.

The holiday season is a great time to do this, for me, because I feel very driven by knowing how difficult it is to eat right when surrounded by candies and cookies at every turn.  This is giving me that final push not to give in to the lure of the Kit-Kats (which are full of gross chemicals, BTW) in the office candy bowl.  I have a “Take THAT Holiday season!” attitude that helps me be very stringent with my plans.

So we’ll see what happens with this intention.  I will keep you updated.

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