Blissful Yoga 30 Day Challenge – Day 7

Day 7

Oops, I’m writing this a day late!  I had a busy day yesterday, lots of cooking!

Went to the Power (Vinyasa) class at 9 am at the Arrowhead studio.  Erin was subbing and it was a very good class.  I did a headstand (with assistance) but still!

I’m actually about to post a flurry of recipes so I’m going to keep this entry short and get to work on that.  Between the farmer’s market and Sprout’s, I have an overflow of beautiful produce.  My refrigerator runneth over!

Very excited it’s Pummelo season.  That’s what the big green things are.  If you’ve never had one, they are sort of grapefruit-like, but milder and less bitter.  The fruit isn’t as big as it seems.  It has a thick squishy rind.  It’s beautiful, like pink cotton candy.  I love peeling these.

Pummelos, pomegranites, nuts, seeds, etc

Recipes coming up!


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