Blissful Yoga Studio 30 Day Challenge – Day 9

Day 9

Bliss Flow with Erin, 3 of her classes 3 days in a row and they were all amazing.   She has a wonderful energy and reminds everyone to smile.  I like to be reminded to smile.

I was able to touch my toes comfortably on the floor without straight legs comfortably in Plow pose today.  That was a nice surprise!


I relate strongly this next part from Light on Yoga.  It’s an echo of many things I have come to understand over the course of my lifestyle change.

According to Patanjali, this is a four-fold remedy for overcoming obstacles and winning happiness:

  1. Mairtri (friendliness) – “turns enemies into friends, bearing malice towards none”
  2. Karuna (compassion) – “uses all resources – physical, economic, mental or moral – to alleviate the pain and suffering of others”
  3. Mudita (delight) – “a feeling of delight at the good work done by another, even though he may be a rival, no hatred or jealousy”
  4. Upeksa (disregard) – “understanding the faults of others by seeing and studying them first in himself”

What strikes me about this list is that it is all about our relationship with other people.  I think many times when a person feels like a victim, or like life is treating her poorly, she starts to believe that people are against her, she avoids connecting with them, she becomes very judgmental toward them, or intensely jealous of those who have what she does not.

How can one ever find happiness that way?  It seems to me that following these guides, one might discover that she is not a victim after all.  We can’t necessarily escape every negative circumstance, in fact we certainly cannot.  But there’s no need to let that dictate how we interact with the world going forward.

I definitely think I have become much more giving and forgiving toward others, and this has made me more giving and forgiving toward myself.  And that, in turn, has made me much happier.


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