Blissful Yoga 30 Day Challenge – Day 13

Day 13

I went to Tracy Macon’s Hot Flow 1 class this morning at the North Phoenix studio and I finally understand the appeal of hot yoga.

I didn’t really dislike the 2 other times I have tried a hot class, but I wasn’t all that enamored of it either.  This time was completely different.  First of all, I tried it in the morning.  Previously I’ve tried it in the evening and I feel like the heat was so much more appealing in the morning.  Also, it was actually cold out when I went to pick up my vegetables from Bountiful Baskets this morning (49 degrees according to my car.)  Going into a sauna from a cool morning sounds a lot better than going into a sauna on a hot afternoon.

And finally, the room was really hot and humid.  I think that’s what was missing most from the other classes- it wasn’t quite hot enough.  I had to take my glasses off because they kept sliding down my nose.  But that seemed to be fine.  Perhaps one does not need to be able to see to effectively practice yoga, especially now that I know what most of the poses are by name.

I sweat like mad and it felt amazing.  I will definitely be back to this class.  My flexibility was noticeably better, even though I am usually stiff in the morning.  I guess I will have to invest in one of those hot yoga towels everyone else has now that I have changed my mind about hot yoga!

One thought on “Blissful Yoga 30 Day Challenge – Day 13

  1. TJ maxx on bell and 75th ish has the hot towels in stock right now and they are only $14.00, great price seeing as they can go for up to $70. The display was right by the front door as you walk in. The towels help ALOT!!

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