Blissful Yoga 30 Day Challenge – Day 14

After my iPhone decided I should celebrate Daylight Savings Time with and extra hour of sleep, even though in Arizona we do not observe DST, I ended up missing my intended class yesterday morning.  But this turned out to be a blessing.

Instead, I had a lovely breakfast with my man at The Good Egg, one of our favorite AZ spots, followed by shopping at Sprouts Farmer’s Market.  Then I ended up going to a very interesting class called Intro to Meditation and Philosophy of Yoga taught by MA NITHYA CHANDIKANANDA who led us through the Life Bliss Meditation.

This was total unknown territory for me as I have never attempted to meditate before.  I believe I have mentioned that I am constantly thinking?  Well, part of the main goal of meditation is to clear this “mind chatter”.  The meditation had several parts.  First, chaotic breathing for 7 minutes.  Second, humming for 7 minutes.  Then focusing on the 7 chakras for a few minutes each from the bottom up.  Next, the “unclutching” phase where you simply allow thoughts to pass through but pay them no mind… perhaps “simply” wasn’t the correct word as this was not simple.  And finally feeling gratitude for the final phase.

I will say it was harder to sit still for 40 minutes than it is to practice asanas!  But afterward I did feel especially wonderful and the world looked very bright and shiny.  Looking forward to her next class, it was a really interesting experience and something I would like to know more about.

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