Blissful Yoga 30 Day Challenge – Day 16

Day 16

I liked Tracy’s Saturday morning hot yoga class so much, I went to another one tonight.  The cold weather makes that hot, humid room very appealing.  I get why people are so hooked on this now.

I had some pretty wicked cramps earlier today so I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, but I really wanted to go so I tried it.  I felt much better during and after the class than I did before, and I feel better now still, over an hour later.

I have a feeling I am going to sleep really well tonight.


I started reading another yoga book today, Yoga Anatomy by Lesli Kaminoff.  It is an illustrated book that talks more about the physiology of yoga than the philosophy, so it’s kind of like looking at the opposite side from the other book I’ve been writing about, Light on Yoga.

There are diagrams.  I love diagrams.  I’m actually a sucker for anatomy in general.  Always loved that portion of figure drawing class.  You know what’s a really cool looking thing?

pelvic bone

But I digress.

I knew I would like this Yoga Anatomy book.  It has many drawings of the anatomy of the bones and muscles beneath the skin in various yoga poses.

The first chapter is called The Dynamics of Breathing.  It talks about breathing beginning at the cellular level and moving on to the physical.

…the moment you’re born, you’re confronted by two forces that were not present in utero: breath and gravity…

…life on this planet requires an integrated relationship between breath (prana/apana) and posture (sthira/sukha)

Extremely simplified: Prana is breathing in, apana is breathing out.  Sthira is stability and sukha is permeability.  Everything is dual, having two sides.

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