Blissful Yoga 30 Day Challenge – Day 20

Day 20

2/3 of the way finished!  This is going by really fast.  Another Hot class this morning, a great way to start a Saturday.

Then I finally stopped procrastinating and did something toward my up coming move- I cleaned out my closet and got rid of all kinds of clothes I don’t wear.  I gave away some comically large items.  It’ so trippy to look at those clothes I used to wear in size 22 or XXL.  It’s like “No f^$*ing way was I ever that size!” But I was, so there you go.

Then I went shopping and tried on lots of clothes, slightly refilling my now spacious closet.  Much as I don’t want to buy anything right now because I’ll just have to move it, but I really need cool weather appropriate clothes for now as well as when I move.

I know if I do this pre-moving purging regularly for the next month, it will make such a difference in the final week, which was absolutely hectic when we moved from Massachusetts to Arizona 3 years ago.  I procrastinated way too much and then we had to run around like crazy to get it all done.  I would really like to avoid doing that.

I’m thinking about what I will do when the 30 days are over… I will definitely be going back to the gym 2 days a week at least.  I’m love yoga, but I feel like I also need a regular cardio workout or a few a week .  I like my cardio workouts.  And I was also thinking I would like to get back to BodyPump after having been away from it for a few months.  I love my BP instructors and definitely want to see them before moving.

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