Blissful Yoga 30 Day Challenge – Day 22

Day 22

Tonight was a nice expanded Bliss Flow class with Erin.  She has quite a few endearing phrases she uses when teaching like “kitten pawing” your hands from one side to the other or “taking the crank out of your neck” or “sassying” your hips back.  These very descriptive phrases are actually really helpful in explaining what to do.

22 days of yoga and I’m a bit tired out by the repetition, I’m not going to lie.  I was fantasizing about going to Body Pump at the gym (which I plan to do as soon as this challenge is over).  It isn’t that I’m disliking practicing yoga every day, I’m just used to a lot of variety.  I actually am seeing a lot of encouraging improvements in flexibility, strength, balance, and even some muscle definition.  But I’m not good at doing anything for 30 days in a row, every day.  But maybe that is part of what I am learning by doing this.  I’m sure it is benefiting me and I’m still finding it worthwhile, but that doesn’t mean I have to 100% enjoy every single second of it.  Sometimes to advance in anything, it helps to push past what is comfortable.  It’s 8 more days.  I’m going to make it.

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