Blissful Yoga 30 Day Challenge – Day 23

day 23

Hot yoga was great tonight – nice and extra hot.  I think I like it more the hotter it is in the room.  Although I did get sweat up my nose at one point and that was rather unpleasant, it was still worth the time.  It’s interesting to see how noticeably more flexible I am in the heated room.

23 days seem to go by really quickly.  I notice this all the time lately – how short time seems.  The 75 minute yoga class feels like 20 minutes and 23 days feels like a week.  I think it has to do with moving soon.  The upcoming change makes me think about all the things I will not be doing, people I will not be seeing, and places I will not be going anymore.  I will be out of here in a month and a half and it will feel like tomorrow.  (I’m moving from Phoenix to the San Francisco bay area in January in case you missed that part)

I will miss some things and other things not so much.  And I will find new things.

2 thoughts on “Blissful Yoga 30 Day Challenge – Day 23

  1. Keep going! I think what you’re doing is amazing and an encouragement for others. Hope you’ll keep on enjoying yoga even after you’ve reached your “ideal” weight (whatever that is for you).
    Good luck!

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