Blissful Yoga 30 Day Challenge – Day 28

Day 28

And now for something completely different, I attended Kat Myer’s Toning the Pelvic Floor workshop this afternoon.  This is the description:

Acupressure, QiGong, Chopstick Acupuncture and Body Rolling for Vaginal Patency, Bladder Tone and Libido. The biological definition for Patency is “the state of being open, expanded and unblocked.” Learn how to Maintain and Build blood flow for internal strength, health, sensitivity, pain relief and patency.

It was very interesting.  There were many props involved.  (if you have  a naughty mind you are probably now letting it wander into some treacherous territory, but no, no… nothing like that!)  If you’d like to know more about your pelvic floor, I’m going to leave you to the googling- so go ahead and if you’re on a public computer you might not want your boss looking over your shoulder when you click on “images”.

You may want to start here: Pelvic Floor Health

See those foam white things in the photo?  One thing we did was lay on our backs on one of those.  And let me tell you, at the end of the class after laying on that thing, I felt like my whole back contacted the ground more than it ever has.  Usually I feel like I’m propped up on parts of my back- tailbone, shoulders.  After laying on that, I felt like my spine straightened out and I could be flat on the ground.

There was a container of cards to take and this is what mine said:


Which is interesting to me, especially with this 30 days of blogging I have undertaken.  If you’ve been following along (thank you!) you have seen that some days my writing is fuller than others.  Sometimes, it just takes a lot of effort to twist experiences into words, and sometimes I don’t think it’s beneficial.  This doesn’t mean there’s nothing happening or nothing to write about.  It just means that some things aren’t ready to be solidified into sentences, more experience is needed before it’s ready to share, if it’s ever ready to share.

Attaching labels to things is something you learn about as an artist very quickly.  When we attach a label to something, it becomes a symbol and you cease to really see it anymore, instead you see your concept of it.  Take an “eye” for example.  The symbol for an eye looks something like this:

eye symbol

And when people are beginning to learn to draw from life, you know they are not “seeing” when they draw something like that, because a real eye looks something like this:

realistic eye

Which you can see, is not symmetrical, has a much more complex shape, and subtle detail that gets left out when we make what we see into a symbol.  That’s the point of a symbol – it’s a simplified representation, easy to understand.  So back to the quote, when you attach the label, things become shallow and lifeless.

This applies to writing as well.  Perhaps not all things ought to be funneled into words.  Writing each day for 28 days, so far, has shown me that I do not want to write every day.  I hope it will lead me to write more frequently, but not to feel obligated to transform my experiences into words that will make sense to all of you.

And now that I’ve posted that thought, I feel a lot more like drawing than writing.

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