Blissful Yoga 30 Day Challenge – Day 29

Day 29

I have the entire week off work this week, so with no other obligations, I went to Margie’s 9:00 Bliss Flow this morning, which was lovely of course.  Tomorrow is the final day of the challenge and I’m excited to be so close.

There is another book I have been reading that deserves some words from me.  I’m not really reading any of these books cover to cover, I’m kind of skipping around whatever feels interesting at the moment.  The book is called The Heart of Yoga – Developing a Personal Practice by T.K.V. Desikachar.

This is a good book for someone who wants to understand some of the basics of developing a yoga practice, written in a clear and uncomplicated way.  I think this would be an ideal companion book, especially for someone who tends to practice alone and not in a class setting.

“Anybody who wants to can practice yoga.  Anybody can breathe, therefore anybody can practice yoga.  But no one person can practice every kind of yoga.  It has to be the right yoga for the person.”

That is an integral message of this book.  There is no one “right” way, there’s only what is right for you.  All of us have different physical and mental strengths and obstacles.  There is no way to have one program that would be ideal for each individual, that’s what is meant by a “personal” practice: the practice that is right for you.

So many times we find ourselves wondering if we are “doing it right”, in many areas of life.  But what is right?  Perhaps what works wonderfully for one person does not work for another.  There is nothing wrong about this, it’s simply that we are all at different points in our lives with unique challenges.  I think this is so important in the journey to being healthier.  There’s no one right way.  There’s no wrong way.  There’s only your way.  Even missteps bring us closer to understanding what we need to reach our goals.

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