Since I Saw You Last

Since I saw you last, everything has changed.  It’s a new year, 2012.  I’m a new age, turned 34 on Jan 4.  I live in a new state, hello California!  I belong to a different gym, I work in a different office… you get the picture.

I’m really excited about this change, despite the fact that I’ve been sick since last Monday with some kind of coughing thing.  That’s not particularly shocking considering all that just happened and the climate change.  Indeed, something appears to be going around my new office location.  I can hear people coughing in their offices, just like I am.

I feel like I belong here.  I’ve always said you need to give a new location at least one year before passing judgement.  It’s like a relationship really, you cannot truly know a place or person in a few days, weeks, or months.  Maybe it’s because I really didn’t like my last city of residence even after three years, but I love it here immediately.  It combines many of the things I loved about Philadelphia like being able to walk places and neighborhoods with different characters to explore and get to know, with the beautiful weather and scenery of northern California.  I’m a liberal vegetarian who likes yoga.  Clearly I belong here and not in Phoenix!

Moving is always hard and stressful.  The holidays can also be.  So I am extremely proud to say that my weight remained steady and I weighed in at the same weight the day my scale was unpacked from its box as I did the day I packed it.  But I’m not surprised either.

I’m just so different now than I used to be.  There’s no way I’m going to use any sort of stress as an excuse to pig out on junk food.  I know better.  I know that a much better way to handle stress is to eat as well as possible in present circumstances and to get some physical exercise as often as possible.  Making yourself feel worse will never make you feel better.  Doesn’t that seem incredibly obvious?  I wonder why it takes us so long to get it (us being overeaters, drinkers, smokers, and other sorts of addicts).

As soon as we got here we went grocery shopping.  In the past, I would have used moving as an excuse to eat out as many meals as possible.  But now, I prefer to eat out as little as possible – too much restaurant food and I start to feel icky.  I like knowing what’s in my food now.    We joined a gym 2 days after we arrived and I’ve been 3 times in less than a week- despite aforementioned illness.

People can change.  This is the new me.  If you’re looking to be a new you – you can.  It just takes time.

Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “Since I Saw You Last

  1. Hey hope all is as awesome as it should be and I know most likely is. I still keep up with your blog miss you on fs. Happy for you.

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