After 30 Days Scale-Free…

Today is April 30 and that means it’s the last day of the No Weigh In April challenge.  The last time I stepped on the scale it was March 31 and I weighed 169 pounds.

Tomorrow I plan to weigh myself.  I decided it was important to write this post before I then so I can see if my feelings change when I see “the number”.

I don’t think my weight has changed this month.  All my clothes fit the same as they always have.  I don’t know about you, but my clothes don’t fit the same every day.  Most of my jeans are a little too tight when they come out of the dryer and a little too loose after I wear them for a few days.  I experience “bloating” around my menstrual cycle.  I think my size actually does fluctuate a little day-to-day.

There are also mental fluctuations.  I definitely have “fat days” and “thin days” that really have nothing to do with my body but are dependent upon my state of mind.  If something is upsetting me, I will often “feel fat”.  And when I am happy and energetic, I will often “feel thin”.  And it is these fluctuations that most made me miss the scale this month.  I use the scale to confirm that these fluctuations are mental and I have not in fact gained or lost enough weight to make any difference.

I’m not concerned about gaining weight overnight.  I know it doesn’t work that way.  I eat very well and I exercise.  If I am eating more calories than my body needs, I am sure it is in a pretty small amount.  So what I am concerned with is gaining weight slowly over time and not noticing it. Since my perception of my body does not seem to be entirely based in reality, I think that’s a very real possibility of something that could happen if I don’t keep paying attention.  It’s happened before.

I didn’t have any trouble staying away from the scale this month.  Hardly thought about it at all, honestly.  And to me, this signals that I really am okay with it.  I don’t feel that not knowing changed my habits much.

I think this was a really useful experiment, and I am glad I did it.  From reading others’ comments, I realized that a lot of people do put a lot more meaning into this scale number than I do.  I do not base my self-worth on my weight.  That was one of the major lessons I taught myself while changing my lifestyle.  I am even okay with gaining weight, if it’s muscle.  I’m not tied to a number.  Heck, I accept that I weigh (about) 170 pounds.  For a woman, that is not easy.  I think I have a really healthy relationship with my weight number.  I understand that my weight fluctuates and it is normal to me.

I miss the data.  What can I say, I like graphs, charts, and math.  I like numbers.  I miss using my weight to predict my menstrual cycle.  Darn thing snuck up on me this month!  Just like I like looking at how many miles are on my car, or how much data is stored on my computer’s hard drive, or how many page-views I have had on my blog, I like tracking my daily weight.

At least that’s how I feel about it today.  If I start weighing myself again and notice any difference in how I feel about it or myself, I’ll re-evaluate.  As of now, I plan to go back to weighing myself daily starting tomorrow.  I wrote a blog post about why I do that, and it holds true for me today.

I think different tools work for different people.  This is a tool that works for me at the moment.  I don’t need it, and it isn’t the end all be all of everything, but it’s available to me and I will use all the tools I can get to help me maintain my weight loss and lifestyle change.

3 thoughts on “After 30 Days Scale-Free…

  1. Great observations. I feel much the same as you, not letting weight measure who I am, just the pounds. I also have those days that I feel fat and that scale helps me start the day off right, that I feel is not reality and the reality if a better picture. I too have gained weight and it was muscle weight. The one thing I refuse to do, is purchase a new wardrobe, as throwing out all my clothes after losing my 174 pounds was expensive, so that’s my best gage on weight, or rather size. Congrats on your new perspectives or clarity on the matter. Can’t “weight” to hear to follow-up.

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