No Packaged Foods – Day 10

Wait what?  Day 10 already??  It’s flying by.  In case you aren’t up to speed on what I’m doing with this No Packaged Foods in June Experiment here is:

Introductory post

Post about the first day

I’ve been going to town eating fruit and vegetables to my heart’s content and little else.  I’ve been pretty close to 100% no packaged foods (by my rather arbitrary definition)  The first few days I finished off a bottle of organic carrot juice I had because that stuff is delicious and expensive.  And I am not that wasteful.  Most days I drank my coffee black, but 1 day I snuck some of my boyfriend’s whole milk.  I could say that’s unpackaged because it comes in a glass bottle you return to the store and they reuse it though 😉  It’s been 10 days of not stopping at Starbucks, which is a good streak for me.

Drinking alcohol definitely had me tempted the other night.  I almost decided to pretend the tequila was in the spice cabinet with the other items I said I would use during this experiment (oils and spices).  But in the end I decided that I could skip it.  I had a fruit smoothie that night instead, just fruit.

I bought eggs and bread at the farmer’s market which could be considered “packaged” by someone.  But I decided that for my purposes I would consider them on the table.

Now that I finally got the food processor I ordered from Amazon, have more options for making my own version of packaged things.  That’s kind of the point of this experiment- to get me to try new things.  It’s working!  I am just loving it too.  So much great produce it feels right to focus on that.

Here are some pictures of the types of foods I have been eating:


You know how they say you should “eat the rainbow”?  Yeah, that’s me.  I am eating every color.

My first day with the food processor resulted in mixed nut butter, date-nut bars, chopped cabbage, and a improvised version of pesto (pumpkin seeds, garlic, lemon basil, lemon zest, salt pepper olive oil)

My new toy

Frankly, I had no clue what I would do with that cabbage, I just wanted to see what it would be like to slice.  It was fun and fast, and I made a huge mess with cabbage bits everywhere… I will get better.

I’m soaking almonds for almond milk right now.  No more thieving my boyfriend’s dairy products.

As far as enjoyment goes, I am loving it.  I love going to the farmer’s market and I’ve been going twice a week, and three times this week!  As far as cost goes, I have to admit I’ve gotten sort of lax about recording it.  But my overall impression is that it is less expensive than before, because the few packaged products I did buy were quite expensive compared to farmer’s market produce.

Appetite-wise, I am finding it is a little bit of a challenge to get enough calories eating mostly fruits and veggies, even with the addition of nuts, beans, and potatoes.  Now that I have made some more higher calorie things, like nut butter, that should be less of an issue.  My weight seems to be down about 2 pounds since 10 days ago, (from 172 to 170) but I find it difficult to say for sure what’s going on with my weight without seeing the trend for several weeks or months, so that may be a premature weigh in.  Time will tell.

It’s nice to not eat the same thing for breakfast every day (fruit and yogurt).  I don’t know why I always get into that habit of repetitive breakfast.  Maybe it’s just that early in the morning, I’m not feeling too creative in the kitchen, and whatever it is it needs to be fast so I can get myself to work.  Since I’m standing around making my coffee anyway (in a french press, the only way I like it) I’ve been using that time to make breakfast.  Different fruit combinations, fruit and nuts, 9 grain cereal and fruit and nuts, this week I’ll be having some date-nut bars in there somewhere.

Overall impression: love it.

Things I miss most: Wine.  Chocolate (although I can buy something at the farmer’s market I have not yet.  I should do that).  Tortilla chips in my chili.  Cheese (in some things- I had beautiful fresh basil and tomato and it would have been divine with some fresh mozzarella)  Carrot juice.

6 thoughts on “No Packaged Foods – Day 10

  1. Making your own wine from fruit is REALLY easy! Find your local beer brewing store and they should have a kit. Ours was around $100. Buying fruit on sale and gathering bottles from friends (we give them 1 bottle of wine for every 12 empty bottles they give us) makes the wine come out at about $3 per bottle. We don’t sweeten our fruit wine so it tastes very similar to grape wine but with a fruit bouqet!
    I’ve been “off” packaged food for a number of years and I tell you, the difference in how I feel is amazing!

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