I Like Weight Maintenance

My Weight Maintenance Chart

I got into a discussion with my boyfriend tonight and he was talking about how he heard some guys at the gym talking about plateaus and that the secret of getting past plateaus is to continuously change things up.  This is true, I can verify.  The body seeks equilibrium.

And I realized, I am in equilibrium, and have been for a long time!  Alright, maybe my weight history looks messy to you, but keep in mind, that is about a 10 pound range represented by all those little data points.  It’s not really as dramatic as it looks.  In fact, it’s completely normal, even the increase you see which coincides perfectly with when I began weight training in earnest and laid off the cardio.  Maintaining my weight doesn’t mean I weigh the same every day.  It means I am continuing down the path I started on and am not veering off or going backwards.

I like weight maintenance.  I hear a lot of people say it is hard.  I wouldn’t say it’s difficult.  I wouldn’t say it’s effortless either.  I know I have to keep doing what I taught myself to do: eat good food, don’t keep eating for no reason when I’m not hungry, use small dishes and bowls, and exercise regularly.  The only thing different from losing the weight is that I’m not calorie counting and I’m exercising for a shorter amount of time.

And I’m not changing it up.  It’s a relief honestly, not to constantly have to worry about pushing myself harder in different ways.  I’m not really trying to change my body any further, and I’m strong and have great endurance, so I have gotten into a nice comfortable routine, and don’t see a reason to change it unless I want to for some reason.  I described my workout routine in my recent post Exercise for the Rest of Us.  It’s 4 days a week.  I go, I sweat, I raise my heat rate, I lift some heavy things, and I go home.  Simple stuff.  I push myself, but I don’t kill myself.

I’m not really changing up my diet either.  I’m not mucking about with what to eat and when.  It is ingrained in me to eat what I do.  It would be very odd for me to go back to any of my old habits.  My new habits are more familiar to me now.  I guess several years of practice will do that for you.

I’m feeling pretty much at peace with this stage of the journey today, after putting some thought into realizing that I am past the struggling part.  I can’t say I ever thought it would be possible to get here, but here I am.  It feels good.

11 thoughts on “I Like Weight Maintenance

  1. Love this! Everyone has their own ideal end state to a lifestyle change – where they move from ‘trying’ to ‘being.’ Some become trainers, coaches, trainers and I applaud them, but for me it is peaceful and wonderful to just live effortlessly and be well. As much as I love exercise and eating well, they augment and support my life and are not the focus of the bulk of my planning/creative/driving energy as they once were.
    You put it so well here!

  2. I like that I don’t really have to change things up if I don’t want to. One less thing to worry about. I have been in the maintenance zone since January and it’s been an adventure. For me it’s been somewhat challenging but only because I spent a few months really anxious about whether I’d be able to keep the weight off this time around. Now that I’ve proven it to myself by being successful this year, I am no longer afraid of it. Glad to hear you are past the struggling stage, too!

  3. Kate, thank you for being you. I have been losing and gaining weight for most of my life. You changed my outlook on this…its not a project or something you can do and get ahead with life. Weight loss is 50% of the job , other 50% is maintaining it and taking daily efforts towards it. It has given me a lot of inner peace and calmness as I am not anxious to get done , reach my target weight because even if I reach that, the journey is not over…You have shown me the light that its not that hard, you can relish it and your life doesnt need to be possessed by this journey..Big heartfelt, genuine thanks

  4. Wow, maintenance sounds wonderful. I absolutely love this blog. Am always excited to read the latest. I am trying to transition from losing to maintenance. Having a hard time w/ the transition from calorie counting.

  5. I don’t think you’re weight history is messy at all, seems normal to me.
    As for myself, I thoroughly enjoy reading all your blogs. They sometimes open my eyes, they sometimes make me nod in agreement. Thank you for doing what you do. You inspire many.

  6. In the interest of keeping this discussion on topic and away from the realm of argument, I have deleted and edited the comments that were contributing to that. I appreciate all your comments and simply ask that in the future, we stick to on topic dialogue about the post at hand. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with every word I say, but I would appreciate if this was looked at more as a dialogue between friends than as a platform for sharing your own personal stance on unrelated issues. Pretend we are in the same room and you are talking to me. Those are the comments I appreciate most.
    Thanks for cooperating with me and my space.

  7. Kate, I keep thinking of this article you wrote, which I do w/ many of your postings. You seem so comfortable in your own skin. That is what I’m trying to achieve. Thanks for the motivation!

  8. I’m already into weight maintenance and I also say that it’s not that difficult. It’s about eating the right food, eating the right amount of food and daily exercise. Great blog!

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