How Can We?

How can we, as a society, help reduce the incidence of eating disorders and help people suffering from them when we, as a society condone eating disordered behavior and body-dissatisfaction at every turn?

How can we teach young women, and increasingly men, that they should love their bodies and respect their health when the messaging that bombards us from the media says the exact opposite? How can we tell them to do something we as a society are not willing or able to do ourselves?

How can we teach people it is wrong and destructive to starve yourself, binge, or purge when we have medical professionals who instruct people to follow starvation level dieting plans and restaurants serving binge-quantity amounts of food as a regular meal?

How can we tell them that there’s more to life than food and weight when we are completely obsessed with food and weight?

We cannot. We need to change ourselves and we need to change society if we don’t want our young people growing up destroying their health in the pursuit of an impossible image.

We all have to change. It starts with you and me.

If you want to change the world, change yourself.
If you want to change the world, change yourself.

3 thoughts on “How Can We?

  1. Reading your blog and the questions you are raising makes me realise that the part I am playing in trying to make changes is very small but…… I am driven by the hope that the more people blogging, talking, reading etc about this subject will amount to change.

  2. I think one way of starting the change is turning off the TV and saying no to hollywood movies. Instead spending time in nature. For me time spent in nature is a like a reset button for my self love meter. I always feel so much better about myself, after a good backcountry hike or a weekend camping trip.

    Thank you Kate for writing about this issue. I do believe change starts with me. It’s why I do do what I do:)

  3. This is something I’ve read on many blogs as a complaint as to how fat people are treated medically — they are prescribed diet and exercise regimes that would be diagnosed as anorexia in anyone of “normal” size. It’s crazy. It’s even worse when it comes from medical professionals rather than a popular trainer.

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