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Black Friday Hiking (photos)

I do not understand Black Friday shopping.  Nothing sounds more unappealing to me than being crushed by strangers seeking the best deal on… whatever it is people are trying to buy on Black Friday.  In fact, I usually avoid shopping altogether between Thanksgiving and New Years.  Just not my scene. Actually, at this point I’m… Continue reading Black Friday Hiking (photos)


Review: The Avocado Diva, mail order avocados

Here is how this post happened: I have followed The Avocado Diva on Facebook for awhile now because I enjoy seeing her recipes and avocado pictures and ideas.  But living in California myself, and having access to local avocados, I didn’t really ever consider ordering.  Then fall rolled around, and I didn’t really like the… Continue reading Review: The Avocado Diva, mail order avocados