Review: The Avocado Diva, mail order avocados

Here is how this post happened:

I have followed The Avocado Diva on Facebook for awhile now because I enjoy seeing her recipes and avocado pictures and ideas.  But living in California myself, and having access to local avocados, I didn’t really ever consider ordering.  Then fall rolled around, and I didn’t really like the avocados I was getting at the store anymore and a devious plan sprang to my mind…

So I wrote to the Avocado Diva and asked her if she would be interested in sending me a sample box of avocados in return for a review on my blog, which she did.  She sent me a box like the Diva Club members get.  The Diva Club is a monthly avocado mail order that sends 1 box of avocados a month to the members, of various types depending on what is in season.

Yes, that’s right, Haas is not the only type of avocado!

The box of avocados was awesome and made me so happy.  I love me some avocados!  They shipped nicely and looked fresh.  There were even some leaves in the box.

A Box of Heirloom Avocados
A Box of Heirloom Avocados

There were other goodies in the box as well: a bag for ripening avocados, instructions on how to store them, information about the varieties, and ideas about what you can do with them!  There was also a magnet, which is pictured here with one of my own magnets.  (Which can be purchased here: Zazzle Store.)

Needless to say, I was in love with the avocado box.  I was happy just looking at it.  I wanted to write this post right away, but I waited until I had some cooking to share with you so I could try to describe the varieties.

Mexicola Avocado
Mexicola Avocado

This little purple eggplant-looking thing is a Mexicola Avocado.  It has edible skin!  Crazy.  I was dubious about eating the skin, but gave it a try.  It’s good!  You can barely taste it and it is very thin and easy to chew.  Now I think edible skin is amazing.  You don’t have to peel.  That’s one less thing I have to do before I am shoveling delicious avocados in my face.

The flavor is avocado-like.  A nice creamy consistency.  There were no blemishes or brown spots.  Although these are small, they are flavorful and interesting.  They’re similar to the Walter Hole avocado (below) but smaller and more flavorful.

In the picture, I am showing two dishes.  The top image is barley with cold vegetables and the bottom image is a salad with all three types of avocados.  Avocado heaven, in other words.

Reed Avocado
Reed Avocado

The Reed Avocado is ENORMOUS!  I made that entire bowl of guacamole with one avocado.  I loved this avocado.  It was like a Haas x 10.  Oilier, creamier, and more brilliant, just look at that color.  I have two more of these left, one is going to be guacamoled in a minute here and the other is storing in the refrigerator until I’m ready to take it out and ripen it.  The method suggested of storing some in the refrigerator so they last longer is a great idea.  Worked like a charm.

Walter Hole Avocado
Walter Hole Avocado

The Walter Hole avocado was probably my favorite of the bunch.  It also had an edible skin, which I loved for the reasons mentioned above (laziness).  And it is larger than the Mexicola, so a little more substantial.  I think it also has a slight sweetness to it.  Subtle though.  Shown here mixed with quinoa and red peppers.

So overall, my review can be summed up as: THIS IS SO AWESOME!  No really.  I didn’t really intend to sign up for the Diva Club myself, since I do have such good access to avocados here in California.  She ships all over the United States, so you could be eating avocados, right now, even though it’s snowing outside where some of you are!  But I really loved the different varieties and when my dad asked me what I want for Christmas this year, guess what I said?

It’s also really cool because I can tell the woman who runs this is really passionate about avocados and saving small avocado farms.  So when you support her, you’re also supporting small farmers.  I like that.

You can follow the Avocado Diva on Facebook.

Check out The Avocado Diva website.  You can also order gifts and other one time boxes of avocados and avocado paraphernalia.

5 thoughts on “Review: The Avocado Diva, mail order avocados

  1. I just got my first shipment as well & have tried one of them & loved it. Can’t wait for the others to ripen. I didn’t get the details about what is what, but, still SUPER excited with the quantity & quality!

  2. Julie, there should have been a “letter” from the Diva in your box describing each avocado and the names. I have been getting the Diva’s avos for over a year and they are always WONDERFUL! I live in Washington state and have only had one bad avo and I think it got smooshed by the postal service. I have the Ultimate Diva membership and get a box 2x per month. They keep me and my husband happy for the entire month.

    I work in a culinary school for high school juniors and seniors and it’s always fun to pull out the Mexicalis and ask what they are! And even more fun to share a taste with them.

  3. OK… so, I’m an avocado fiend… and you have now made my life infinitely more complicated … ha! Thanks for this review and for the introduction to The Avocado Diva!

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