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Black Friday Hiking (photos)

I do not understand Black Friday shopping.  Nothing sounds more unappealing to me than being crushed by strangers seeking the best deal on… whatever it is people are trying to buy on Black Friday.  In fact, I usually avoid shopping altogether between Thanksgiving and New Years.  Just not my scene.

Actually, at this point I’m pretty sure the best way to celebrate any holiday is hiking.

Between a 6 mile hike on Thanksgiving and this 14 mile hike, I’m worn out today and am resting my weary knees in pajamas all day.

It was a beautiful day.  We got lucky with the timing as we reached the beach when it was still sunny and caught the fog rolling in.  I love the fog and the sound of the foghorns.  The trails were less well marked than I’m used to and there was some aimless wandering (shown in blue on the map) but the dead end trails had the most spectacular views, so it was all worthwhile.  Toward the end, a friendly older couple directed us, mercifully downhill back to the parking lot.  I hope to be like them when I grow up!  Staying active as I get older is a big motivating factor for me in making sure I stay fit.

There were a lot of people out hiking, large groups, families, single people, all ages.  I found it heartening to see that there were so many who also would rather spend time actively in nature than beating each other up for an XBox at WalMart.

This hike was hard, especially near the end.  But we had plenty of sandwich and cookies and fruit on the beach to make it through.  Last night, I refueled on butter pecan ice cream.

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking:

fitbit stats
fitbit stats
panoramas, fog eraser
panoramas, fog eraser
lunch spot
lunch spot on Rodeo Beach
Kate looking at the fogbank
me (Kate) looking at the fog bank
iceplant over Rodeo Beach
iceplant over Rodeo Beach
cliffs and beaches
cliffs and beaches in the sunshine
Fog progression
fog came in and the ocean disappeared
Beautiful Fog
fog makes everything magical
after over 10 miles, this looked daunting, but we made it
postcard perfect picture
postcard perfect picture with Golden Gate Bridge and quintessential fog

6 thoughts on “Black Friday Hiking (photos)

  1. Wow, those views are amazing! Living in the city makes it pretty hard to be able to expose myself to amazing feats of nature like that. I can just imagine the fresh air you must have been breathing along that hike! Fog really does make everything magical!

    Also agree on the black friday shopping… it’s insane to see what people do for a discount. I avoid at all cost necessary! Although I must say, cyber monday was rather appealing!

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