There you go, BMI chart, doctors, and insurance companies.  I am no longer “overweight” by your standards.  My BMI is officially 24.9 which means that my weight is now “normal.”  I have gone from a BMI of 43.9 to 24.9, from “obese” to “normal.” I apologize for all the quotation marks.  I’m just rather disgusted… Continue reading 164

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Body Adipose Index, It’s All In The Hips

By now you probably know that I think BMI is a useless way of categorizing people’s weight.  It’s out-dated and misunderstood and has some serious issues especially for people who are tall, short, or athletic. However, I understand the need for some sort of way of classifying people’s health risk based on body size.  This… Continue reading Body Adipose Index, It’s All In The Hips